Robert McConaghy, Realtor, CLC, Owner

Robert McConaghy, a fourth-generation native with over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, is a prominent figure in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. As the driving force behind RKM Real Estate Group, he has been involved in over $600 million in real estate transactions, covering over 450 deals on the Central Coast. His expertise spans residential, commercial, and investment properties, offering a comprehensive range of services that exceed traditional real estate agency capabilities. This includes commercial credit underwriting, appraisal reviews, large-scale development, and expertise in 1031 exchanges.

McConaghy's background in accounting, finance, national economics, bank acquisitions and portfolio management along with his extensive experience in complex negotiations across fourteen states, makes him a unique asset to his clients. He collaborates with top-tier legal firms and attorneys, ensuring successful outcomes in intricate real estate transactions. His approach is client-focused, aiming to empower them with his expertise and proactive strategies.

In the commercial real estate sector, McConaghy's expertise is particularly notable. He has personally underwritten over $350 million in commercial credit and has managed some of the most complex deals on the Central Coast, including construction development, CRE acquisition and sale, and SBA underwriting.

His involvement with RKM Capital Group, a partner company, highlights his specialization in the investment property sector. Handling assets valued at over $400 million, his services range from creating investor packages for sales to identifying optimal lending partners for purchases. This makes him invaluable to both first-time investors and seasoned professionals.

Notably, McConaghy also produces and hosts a segment in the Emmy-nominated show "The American Dream," where his segment, "Showcasing the Central Coast," has reached millions of viewers nationwide. This adds to his profile as a key influencer in the real estate market. Endorsed by Tarek El Moussa, a renowned HGTV star and real estate investor, McConaghy's firm is committed to delivering a VIP experience in every transaction, driven by experience, collaboration, and innovation.

McConaghy's credentials are further enhanced by certifications and training in various aspects of commercial lending, cash flow analysis, finance, accounting, banking principles, 1031 exchange analysis, distressed loan resolution, and SBA lending. His depth of knowledge and comprehensive skill set positions him as a leading expert in the real estate field on the Central Coast.